Best And Amazing Hippie Bio For Instagram

Do you enjoy your moments like you don’t care about anything ? The only things in your mind is “Peace & Positivity”. My dear friend stay as you are. Always be proud to be a Hippie because you’re the person with a positive mindset, lives happily, have your own rules, loves to travel and enjoys every small thing.

Do you want to show off your Hippie personality and recreate with the best bio ideas ? You’re at the right place. We have a variety of bios that consist of music lovers, nature lovers , freedom and many more. They all suits your personality so well .So what are you waiting for ?

Best Hippie Bio for Instagram : Nature lover, Music lover And Straight forward person

  • Make love, not war.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Nature is my playground, where my soul feels truly alive. 
  • In a world full of noise, let the music be your refuge.
  • Radiate positive vibes.
  • Dance until the flowers fall out of your hair.
  • Whatever makes your soul happy, do that.
  • I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

Short bio for Instagram

  • Radiate 
  • Cosmic 
  • Vintage 
  • Earthy 
  • Wild 
  • Sunchild
  • Free spirit
  • Deep soul

Hippie Instagram bio for boy

  • Feeling young and wild and free.
  • Be the wildflower among the common weeds.
  • Let’s grow through what we go through.
  • Wild heart, gypsy soul.
  • Child of flowers, peace and love.
  • All we are saying is to give peace a chance.
  • Passionate about preserving our planet.
  • Musician at heart, dancer in spirit.

Hippie Instagram bio for girls

  • Just a girl & her Floating Hippie shop.
  • Catch rays, not bad days.
  • Stay wild, moon child.
  • I play dressup & frolic in nature.
  • Love, peace, happiness.
  • Always keep dancing to the rhythm that is life.
  • Tree hugger.
  • Vintage fashion enthusiast.
  • Seeker of peace, Lover of adventure.


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